How to be a desirable developer: be a leader, not a hero

Be a leader, not a hero

If you are anything like me, as a developer you certainly have a sensitivity for challenges. You may have experienced this nice feeling we have when a difficult task comes in, when nobody can think of a nice solution while we are feeling in our guts that it should be done a given way. “I’ll handle this” do we say in our most virile voice, “just observe and learn” continued in our most internal voice. This moment when we address large issues by ourself, going through an intensive week-long tunnel of coding, designing and refactoring to finally reappear in slow motion, Armageddon style, extenuated and covered in sweat, sticking out our chest before saying with a deep breath: “Damn yeah, I made it work!”. Thanks to us the project made a big step forward. See how valuable we are!



Codec Engineer at MediaKind

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